Two Roses By Eagle Pen

Two Roses By Eagle Pen.

I held two roses in my hand🌹🌷

Red and green in full bloom🌹☘️

Both smelled as sweet as the morning🌼

As soft as silk from heaven’s loom💧

Both spoke of hopes and dreams🪴🌪️

And of wonders and possibilities😌🫶

Yet when I held them up in the sun🌞

Some differences I could see🫰🏻

For one had petals bent one way💐

And the other did not🌷

One had green leaves a plenty☘️🍀

The other didn’t have a lot🍃

The red for one seemed bolder🌺

And the other is slightly pale🥀

As a messenger of life and dreams🌻🌪️

Perform better it seemed one will😌

Yet as I held both in my chest🤲

Could I consider the other deficient?🥺

For God made each rose bloom🌹

And he made each one different🌹🌷🍀💐

Two Roses By Eagle Pen

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