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Just like fictional books in general or secular fiction, Christian fiction also has genres and subgenres. There is this wrong notion that Christian fiction is not like your regular fiction books, in the sense that it is centered on being a ‘holier than thou,’ sort of fiction and this makes book lovers shy away from it.


Do you know you can actually enjoy reading Christian fictions, just like you’ll enjoy other fiction genres? Yes, it’s possible! The only difference is the message it propagates. So, you can read your favorite fiction genre, get entertained, and inspired, learn important life lessons, and build up your Christian faith. Some Christian fiction authors include; Francine Rivers, C. S. Lewis, L. B. Anne, Colleen Coble, Jenny B. Jones, Janette Oke, Julie Klassen, Beverly Jenkins, and many others.

In this article, we won’t only be telling you about the amazing genres and subgenres of Christian fiction; we will also give you the best book recommendations and redirect you to pages where you can download each of these books for free!


Genres of Christian Fiction

Genres in Christian fiction that you’ll definitely enjoy reading are:



In Romance Christian fiction, Romance is evident, just like in secular fiction. Love brews between the hero and the heroine, and their love journey is visible to the readers. Pockets of conflict are also introduced to spice up the story and make it believable. The only difference is that the emotional attraction (love) is what is being stressed and not the physical attraction (lust). Intimate scenes are not graphic, same-sex relations are absent, strong language is not used, and the characters point the readers to the love of God through their interactions. The hero and heroine also find happiness in the end. 

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Francine Rivers’ “Redeeming Love” and “The Lady’s Mine” are Christian romance books worth your attention and would keep you hooked until the end. 


Infopedia Reviews
Infopedia Reviews

Thrillers and Mysteries:


Like your regular mystery genre, Christian fiction mystery puts you on edge and keeps you on your toes. The anticipation to know what happens next is stirred in you, but there are no graphic gory or violent scenes. Instead, the characters are intriguing and have remarkable backstories. The fast-paced plot draws you in and keeps you glued to the end. You also learn important life lessons and get satisfaction.


Colleen Coble’s “One Little Lie,”Two Reasons to Run,” and “Three Missing Days,” all in the Pelican Harbor Series, are books you should check out.


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Young Adult:


This genre is directed towards young people, the challenges they face, and how they overcome them through their faith in God. It is highly relatable because the authors do not introduce ‘preachiness’ but rather paint real-life situations such as depression, finding partners, disappointments, addictions, etc., young people find themselves and how they can overcome them. In the end, the reader’s faith is strengthened. 

“There You’ll Find Me” by Jenny B. Jones is a book that perfectly portrays young adult Christian fiction.  


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In historical Christian fiction, you are taken on a journey of drama, historic beliefs and values, and a touch of inspiration. These books are usually set in a historical era, like the aftermath of the American Civil War. The author’s creativity is clearly shown because, as a reader, you are immersed in the story as though you are a character. No matter your Christian doctrine, as long as you believe in God, historical Christian fiction is always a good read. You can also find touches of Romance and mystery here.

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“The Maid of Fairbourne Hall” by Julie Klassen is a regency romance novel that perfectly captures historical Christian fiction.  

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Subgenres of Christian Fiction

We’ve been able to point out genres of Christian fiction that should pique your interest. Under these are subgenres that are worth reading.

Here is a list of Christian fiction subgenres that you should read:



This subgenre is quite popular among Christian fiction books. It portrays the faith and values acceptable within the Amish community; a good example is a chastity in romantic relations. Although evangelical women usually write this subgenre, their plots are also quite predictable. This subgenre could be found under Romance. 

“Autumn’s Promise” by Shelley Shepard Gray is a book that clearly depicts Amish culture and values.

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This subgenre could be found under the historical genre, typically set in historic locations in the bible. Everything here is faith-based.

“Iscariot: A novel of Judas” by Toscal Lee is an interesting read.


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A fictional world is created here, reflecting certain Bible aspects. While secular fantasy novels promote magic, Christian fiction introduces a fantasy world within the context of bible stories. This subgenre can be found under the Young Adult and Historical genres.

“The Last Battle” by C. S. Lewis is a book in this genre that would keep you hooked until the end.


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Science Fiction:


Sci-fi, in general, talks about how real or imagined technological advancements affect humans. Additionally, Christian sci-fi can be linked to apocalyptic fiction, as it often portrays the end of the age or world concerning the book of Revelations. This subgenre can be found under the Young Adult genre.

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“The Day the End Began” by Mark E. Fisher is one of my best recommendations for this subgenre.


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These often contain faith-based messages but are not really about religion. They are a source of inspiration to the reader, and the readers also gain clarity on certain truths about life and the bible. It can be found under genres like Historical, Romance, Young Adult, and Mystery.

“Loving in His Way” by T. K. Chapin is a book that would certainly inspire you.



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Christian fiction is a genre you’ll enjoy and get addicted to if you try it. You’ll gain satisfaction just like you’ll get from every other fiction book and still build your faith and hope in the end. Download these Christian fiction novels for free!

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