Relaxing Videos To Help Clear Your Mind

Relaxing Videos To Help Clear Your Mind. It is important to understand how to calm the mind when it comes to our everyday well-being. Relaxing your mind helps to steady your heartbeat, reduce stress levels, and improve mental health.

With the advent of modern technology, it implies the world is always connected and so we are. It’s always hard to relax and calm down owing to different anxieties which makes achieving inner peace quite difficult. 

Relaxing Videos To Help Clear Your Mind

However, moving around a natural living environment may not be realistic for everyone due to various factors such as a busy work schedule, health conditions, the type of environment you stay and the various natural elements present there, and many other factors.

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Below are some free nature videos suitable for relaxation, make you feel refreshed, and help to clear your mind;

1. Waterfall

This is a High-Definition video depicting a gentle waterfall accompanied by several soothing music tracks. The music kicks off quietly with the sound of a waterfall and was followed by various nature sounds, and then builds up to an amazing mix of tribal music, people buzzing, and upbeat tunes. This is a fantastic piece owing to its blend of nature and a nice video for relaxation as it helps to calm your mind.

2. Sea Waves

This is an HD video that can make you enjoy the presence of a sea without being physically there. There is no music being played, only the sound of sea waves and a video of gentle sea waves and a palm tree swaying continuously for hours. This video is very suitable for relaxation and achieves its purpose as it helps to clear one’s mind. 

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3. Celtic Music

The Celtic music is a fantastic piece composed by Peder Helland and contains a gentle flute coupled with harp tunes. These two instruments are in concord with one another and they bring out the best for someone watching it. Its gentle, soothing tune is ideal for relaxing your mind and calming your nerves.

4. Relaxing Piano Music

This gentle piano piece is coupled with the gentle sound of a water stream. This video is a collection of numerous pictures of nature such as flowers, butterflies, the blue sky, beautiful forest trees, flock of birds, and also shows a lovely scene of the sun rising. The music’s sweet and romantic vibe helps to relax your mind.

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5. Deep Sleep Music

This video is a collection of different elements of nature, ranging from sheep running across a mountain to flowers swinging in the wind to a snowy landscape that depicts a glacial environment. The swaying of the leaves on a forest tree coupled with the effect of the sun rising is a sight to behold. Just watching this video is consciousness-raising. It makes us know that we are one speck in this universe. It is highly recommended to simultaneously listen to both the music and watch the video.

6. Deep Relaxing Music

This video is great for stress relief. It is a soft, serene piece that is accompanied by the presence of a static image of a silhouette. This video creates a feeling like you are the only person in the universe.

7. Rain

This clip is perfect for those who like the sound of rain. It is a 10-hour clip of just rain and can be played while on the bed and would make you fall asleep enough. It is a nice video and suitable for relaxing your mind. There is also a version of rain for those who prefer gentler rain sounds. It can be a video you watch to aid sleeping.

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8. Rainforest

This is a nice video that brings you into the realm of a typical rainforest with the presence of a water stream and different animal sounds such as birds chirping, tweeting, and many more. 

If your preference is just a track with water stream sounds without the presence of animal noises, there are versions available for that. The water stream sounds help to calm your nerves, relax your mind, feel refreshed, and recharged.

9. Harp Music

This is also a fantastic piece composed by Peder Helland. It shows a blend of many elements of nature ranging from a beautiful valley covered with green grassland and flowering plants, to the effect of sunrise, and many more. The blend of nature in this video makes it a sight to behold and is coupled with a very good play of the harp instrument to clear your mind, cool your nerves, and feel refreshed. This music video is suitable for relaxing your mind after a hectic day. 

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10. Flying Through Clouds

If you love the view of observing clouds float by when in an aircraft, then this video is perfect for you. This is a fantastic video that brings you close to the sky. It’s a long hour clip of you moving over the beautiful white cloud toward the sunrise. This video makes you feel relaxed as you float over the snow and is accompanied by lovely music all for your comfort. It is a serene clip made for people who are stressed, tense, and not emotionally balanced. It can serve as a video you watch after a hectic day at work. 

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Practicing relaxation techniques such as watching relaxing videos helps with stress management. Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your body and mind. Relaxation techniques can also help with various health challenges, such as heart disease and pain. 

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