8 Best Therapeutic Music That Will Calm Your Mind

Music That Will Calm Your Mind. Music, they say, is a gateway to our souls, a medium used to channel and release our emotions. The rhythms, melodies, and tunes have a way of stimulating and connecting with our senses, and this has the power to alter the way we feel.

Haven’t you wondered why you find doing chores with music easy and relaxing?

Studies show that music triggers the release of dopamine, a hormone responsible for mood, pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. As a result, the songs we listen to have an effect on our activities, feelings, emotions, and memories.

Music That Will Calm Your Mind

Music is also used as a form of therapy, it is known to reduce stress, relax muscles, improve memory, lower blood pressure, and so on. It is also recommended for people suffering from mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression as it serves as a stimulus for the release of dopamine known to improve people’s ambiance.

Anxiety and depression are common mental health issues faced in modern society. Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear about a situation. It’s a normal phenomenon and is your body’s response to stress. Common symptoms of a person suffering from constant anxiety include fast heart rate, nausea, rapid breathing, profuse sweating, etc.

On the other hand, depression is characterized by sadness and loss of interest.

Music can help relax your nerves whenever you are anxious. It has the ability to uplift and calm our moods when we are sad, depressed, or frustrated.

Usually, when we feel uneasy we listen to songs that highlight the way we feel, these songs could range from sad, happy, or upbeat songs depending on our varying personalities

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The rhythms, harmonies, melodies, and lyrics of certain songs evoke a soothing response from our minds and bodies, keeping us stress-free, calm, and relaxed in the face of anxiety.

8 Music That Will Calm Your Mind

Many of us have a playlist of songs for the different emotions we feel. On Spotify and other music platforms, we can find playlists for when you’re down, happy, depressed, heartbroken, joyful, etc.

Music is therapeutic to the soul and can cushion anxiety immensely.

 I believe the following songs will help calm your anxiety, as they did mine.

  1. Weightless

The song: Weightless produced by the Marconi Union, is scientifically proven to be the most relaxing song in the world, according to The Independent. This song is eight minutes long, but trust me, it’s worth every minute. With harmonies from the sounds resonating from the strings of the guitar blending flawlessly with the keys of the piano, the song is believed to lower blood pressure and bring the body and the mind to a deeply relaxed state.

2. Strawberry Swing

Not surprisingly, Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing makes the list. This is one song I had on repeat for days.

The British band Coldplay’s song Strawberry Swing evokes calming and soothing feelings. The low-key singing blends uniquely with the upbeat tempo and thus provides a sense of calmness and serenity.

3. Please Don’t Go by Barcelona

The slow lyrics of this song accompanied with the use of minor keys and soothing chords elicit feelings of tranquility and relaxation to the listener. It’s certainly a song one can zone out to and one of my personal favorites. Although Please don’t go was released in 2009, it never gets old, and that’s one thing that’s fascinating about music – its ability to stand the test of time. This is one song you should add to your playlist.

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4. Pure Shores by All Saints

The chords in this song resonate easily with the soft lyrics creating a blissful symphony. Sung by Ameritz Karaoke band, this song iduces a chill reclining feeling guaranteed to contain and soothe your anxiety.

5. Someone Like You by Adele

Easily one of my favorite songs on this list, Adele’s Someone Like You, is a sad heartbreak song that has the singer baring out her vocals along with the dramatic ambiance of the sounds. This is one song I run to whenever I need to relax.

6. Canzonetta Sull’aria by Mozart

This list would be incomplete without music from the classical music genre. Mozart’s piece Canzonetta Sull’aria creates a sense of relief. The song is light and pleasurable to the ears, providing a soothing essence.

7. Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit song Thinking Out Loud made the list. The timber of this song is very subtle and calm, and the soothing sound of Ed’s voice creates a relaxing effect on the listener.

8. God will make a way

Released in 1992 by the Gospel artist Don Moen, God will make a way lyrics have an electric effect on my soul. Though the tones are not all relaxing, the lyrics make up for it. Most Christian folks are very familiar with this song, and this is one song I encourage all Christians to listen to.


These songs do not serve as an assurance that you’ll be free from anxiety permanently. These recommendations are just soothing music that aims to cushion and relax your moods, but if they do not work, simply sit back and enjoy the music.

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