The home remains the Basic unit of every society… The strength of each home unit collectively determines the strength of the society.

The organogram for leadership in the home starts from the Father, then to the Mother, and extends to the children…

A father must understand his role as the family lead, ready to Shape the direction of his Family.

A mother should understand her role as a leader too, who is there to support as well as fine-tune the decisions of the father for a collective goal.

Leadership is important to maintain balance in all areas of Life, and the home is not to be left out.

The success of every Society starts from how the home is, and this depends on the kind of leader in the Home.

It all starts from the smallest unit(Family) which is the home.

As the elders would say, charity begins at home, so proper formation and orientation of every individual in society begin at home. If the home is this important, then nurturing and upbringing at home should be in style and with caution.

Leadership is necessary and the impact is seen in how well the society progresses.

This is why Leadership in the home Front is not a trivial matter.

The Leadership style to be used should be picked with caution.

Leadership is a very important and serious aspect of life because it starts from or within the family to society.

Anyone that wants to lead or be a leader must be honest, trustworthy, have Integrity, serve people, and be selfless in other to be a better/ best leader.

Leadership is the supportive lifeline to balance, progress, and greatness in all spheres of life, the home–family, is not exempted. The family unit under a home is the smallest but one of the most important, if not the most important unit of any society. The rise and fall of any community or nation can be traced back to how the unit of the family or home is knit together under the right head – leadership.

Many religions hold the view that the man is the lead in the home while the woman supports – Advice, encouragement, joint decision-making, finance, and care and is a part of the core modeling of the children and themselves as parents. This point is proven by the following statistics of homes without a father figure. 63 percent of teen suicides and 85 percent of children and teens with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. 70% more likely to repeat a class and 70% more likely to drop out of school.

In conclusion, Leadership in the Home front would bring about positive changes not just in the Home but in Society at large and grants us the success-filled nation that we desire.

Mount Rainier

Enact LDH ’23