How To Use Music To Calm Your Anxious Dog

How To Use Music To Calm Your Anxious Dog. Pet owners find it very discomforting when they notice signs of anxiety in their pets. This is because anxiety can put dogs in unfavorable conditions such as anoxia, vomiting, dysentery, colitis, and loss of appetite.

How To Use Music To Calm Your Anxious Dog

Many conditions, such as fear, neglect, separation, confinement, age, unfamiliar environment, and sickness, can cause anxiety in dogs.  Therefore, it’s the responsibility of pet owners to find easy and unique ways to calm anxiety in dogs. Among the multiple forms of calming anxiety include music.

There are different types of music to calm anxiety. This article will teach you how to use music to calm your anxious dog.

Types Of Anxieties In Dogs 

Many anxieties usually affect dogs; examples of such anxieties include; 

  1. Sickness-Induced Anxiety

Sickness-induced anxieties are various diseases known for inducing anxiety.  Such disorders include thyrotoxicosis, encephalitis, hypothyroidism, and hearing and vision loss, among others.

2. Social-Induced Anxiety

This is a  type of anxiety dogs usually suffer from due to huge gatherings with high noise.

3. Age-Related Anxiety

This is typically common in older dogs, and they are usually connected to cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Perception, awareness, memory, and learning start to decrease, which is the leading cause of anxiety in older dogs.

Different Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs

Symptoms of anxiety include; depression, restlessness, panting, excessive panting, uncontrollable scratchings, defecation, urination, pacing, drooling, aggression, lip licking, severe barking, hiding, and destructive behaviors such as harming themselves.

How Music Helps In Calming Anxious Dogs

Music helps relieve anxiety by lowering the stress hormone known as cortisol and also lowering the heart rate. This usually happens because the melody affects the dog’s brain and causes a change in how the body responds to many situations. 

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How To Use Music To Calm Your Anxious Dog

Playing the appropriate music when your dog is in a settled state will help connect the dog’s mental process and the environment. This will help in making the dog feel comfortable and safe.

You can play music immediately if you notice a slight sign of stress in your dog. The music should be played in your dog’s cherished area of comfort. This is essential in supporting them and making them focus and sleepy which is vital in calming them down.

Some dogs usually get anxious during specific times of the year. If you are fortunate enough to know this period, you can prepare your dog ahead by playing music some weeks before the time. Playing music before the time will help them in having a safe zone where they can always go to relax when this period comes.

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Times To Play Soothing Music To Anxious Dogs

1. Alone Times

How To Use Music To Calm Your Anxious Dog
Lonely Dog

Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Always notice the state you find them in when you come home. Whenever you see them look either stressed or displaying destructive behavior, then they may probably be suffering from separation anxiety. So, whenever you are heading out to spend a long or even little time, play soothing tones to help calm your dogs. The noise from the music will also help in making them less lonely since sitting alone without any distractions can cause a lonely feeling.

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2. Family Get-Togethers

Some dogs hate loud noises, and family get-togethers are always known for loud noises. You can prepare them ahead of the event by making them used to listening to cool music in their comfy zone.  You can keep your dog in his cozy room, play his favorite music, close windows and doors, and Put-on a dim light during the event, which is essential in calming him down and serving as a source of distraction from loud outside noises.

3. Travel Time

Dogs also suffer much from travel-related anxiety. The anxiety can be due to being alone in a car, seeing them in other vehicles, motion sickness, fear of visiting a veterinary clinic or a groomer, and others. Music can do an excellent job of relieving all travel-related anxiety. 

4. Sleep Time

You can play soothing music to your dog if he’s sleeping. Since most dogs sleep in their rooms, try making the space attractive to them. This will make the room irresistible to coil up and relax. You can buy a big comfy bed and soft blanket for your dog, making the room neat and noise-free, having uninterrupted access to food and fresh water, dim lightening and window blinds, and a television, radio, pad, or other gadgets for playing soft music. 

5. During Firecrackers

Some dogs are irritated and scared by large uncontrolled sounds such as noise. Always prepare them for such events by keeping your dogs in their comfy zone and playing their favorite soothing music weeks or even months ahead of the event. This will also aid in providing a good comfort zone during the event, which is essential in making them comfortable and relieving any sign of anxiety.

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The Right Kind Of Music For Calming Dogs

There are specific kinds of music preferred by dogs. Since they mostly feel anxious due to high noises, it’s always advisable to play classical types of music, soft melodies, steady and slow tempos, rock and reggae, and lower frequencies music to them. 

Playing instrumental music is also essential in relieving stress. Avoid playing high-tempo, furious, or heavy metal tunes to them.

There are unique tunes also created for dogs. Multiple of these kinds of music can be found on Pandora and Spotify. Play this music simultaneously and notice the one your dog likes the most. Create a folder and add all his favorite tunes. Always play the folder music to your dog to relieve anxiety. 

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Dogs suffer from different kinds of anxiety, including age-related and sickness-induced pressures. Anxiety symptoms include excessive barking, urinating, defecating, and destructive behaviors, among others. Playing classical, soft melodies with soft and steady tempos is essential in relieving anxiety, whereas high-tempos and furious music is associated with inducing stress. There are also specific times, such as during family get-togethers, firecrackers, sleep time, and when your dog needs calming music.

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