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Writer’s Block has always been every writer’s ill luck. Remember that moment when you have the whole scene and plot in your head and what’s left of you is to write it. That moment when you feel ‘Ok, this plot is going to be about 10000 words when I’m done writing. And then you pick your laptop or pen to start writing and boom! The whole plot in your head was not more than 800 words, and you’re out of ideas. That feeling is like being stuck in an empty room that was once full of your favorite food. As a music lover, you tried listening to some pop, thinking it might bring you ideas, but you got distracted before you managed to write a sentence. 

Have you listened to solemn music? Slow and peaceful music that will bring you ideas, not just ideas, great ideas that will turn into amazing plots and scenes. Slow and solemn songs have been known to help set the mood for writing while still giving your background a vibe. But do you know what’s better than slow songs? Slow songs with lines that tap into your inspiration. 

In this article, we will bring you five of the best music to help you write, overcome writer’s Block and even bring you peace of mind. This list is in no particular order, we’ve only picked out the best, and we will give a review on each one. Below are five songs that will help you write that story, article, poem, or essay. You must add these songs to your playlist if you’re a writer!

1. Panic Attacks in Paradise by Ashnikko

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When you have a person who has gone through a traumatic childhood and grows up with scars and demons of the past, that person becomes a disturbed adult. This is the persona Ashnikko brings to you in this song. This song will help your storyline if you’re writing in the mystery genre.

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Ashnikko presents herself to us as a greatly disturbed adult who cannot enjoy the parts of adulthood that people tend to tie to happiness. A line reads, “I swear I’m not crying, the sun’s just bright,” showing us how difficult it is for her to function without breaking down ever so often. The song embodies its name and shows many waves of panic, like running away from love, that one can experience after a childhood laced with trauma.

This song should sit in your top five music to listen to when writing — either as inspiration or to get you by writing.


2. London’s Requiem by Louis Dunford

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When was the last time you listened to a song and felt that you were listening to someone tell you a story? London’s Requiem is one song to bring back that feeling to you. 

This musical work of art was written from the perspective of a man looking down at the expanse of London streets from his window. The young boys grow too fast, “tramps” on the side of the road, drug dealers, and some more. 

Louis Dunford’s London Requiem is a must-listen if you want to understand the lowly parts of London.


3. My Little Love by Adele

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When Adele’s last album, 30, came out, it was already long awaited by fans (and critics) after the legendary singer dropped one of the songs in Easy On Me. However, fans were unprepared for the fluidity and unmistakable art conjoined to create this music. Unfortunately, one of the songs in the album, titled My Little Love, is one of such songs fans were not prepared for.

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In the song, while she sings, there are parts where Adele talks about her divorce from her husband. Then, towards the end of the song, she also talks about the loneliness she felt after the separation. And you will feel the emotions in the music. 

The music is a must if you are looking for something to help set the mood for sadness or even things that loneliness can cause.




4. Ghost by Justin Bieber

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The name Justin Bieber is not a home name. We all saw him get to fame when he was a teenager, get to drugs, go through rehab, and now we are still watching him build an amazing family with his wife, Hailey, and their kids. So when someone who has seen heartbreak, love, and the in-between sings a song about lost love, you should expect nothing but exceptional matchmaking between lyrics, instruments, voice, and feelings.

Ghost is a song from Justin Bieber’s album, Justice, and it tells the tale of lost love and the feelings left behind. The loneliness, yearning, wish for more, and finally, the acceptance stage, where he “settles for the ghost of you.”

The music will help you if you’re writing something related to learning to live with the loss of love and everything that comes after it. This music will help you draft a romance storyline for your next romance book.


5. For Those Who Can’t Be Here by Tom Walker

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Have you ever come home for a holiday, but there is a family member whose absence is greatly felt? Or perhaps your character is about to go through such situations? You have just found yourself an avenue of inspiration.

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This song, by You and I singer Tom Walker, is about a family who has gathered for the Christmas holiday and is bent on having a great time, sharing jokes and light banter. Unfortunately, only one member is not part of the party, and his usual presence at the table is too visible to be ignored by the rest of the family. This situation makes it impossible to pretend as though he is an invisible member of the family. The music also reminds us to live our lives even after those who hold us dear has gone, for us to ring the bells “for those who can’t be here.”

Your character lost a parent and will meet the entire family for the first time? Then, this is your go-to song. Or do you need something slow but not as slow as operas? Well, Tom Walker has you covered.


Now that you have five music that will help you get through your story by either providing inspiration or merely keeping the background alive as you write, it is time to start writing that book of yours. It’s time to say bye-bye to writer’s Block.







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