Best Books On Alternative Investments

Best Books On Alternative Investments. Alternative investments deal with infrastructure, real estate, commodities, oil and gas, precious metals, cryptocurrency, lending, fine arts, collectibles, etc.

Best Books On Alternative Investments

All these are perfect grounds for an alternative investment to thrive for anyone looking to invest. Before going into an alternative investment, one must have a proper knowledge of what one is entering.

In this article, we have listed the five best alternative investment books for you. The authors of these books have vast knowledge and years of experience in the field, and you will get a lot of value from reading them. Let’s consider the five books below.

1. Performance Measurement for Alternative Investments

Author: Timothy Peterson

Alternative investment has no doubt experienced exponential growth lately, but an area that keeps lagging is the performance measurement strategies. It’s not enough to add terms to the numerator and denominator of the traditional performance evaluation method. Risk, leverage, benchmarking, and long and short strategies can be challenging for return calculation.

The book “Performance Measurement for Alternative Investment,” written by Timothy Peterson, throws more light on this crucial aspect and provides a lot of knowledge regarding investment performance in investment banking.

The book addresses various terms used in alternative investments. Another factor to consider in the book is how it tackles every problem with a practical approach. This book targets the use of different structures to evaluate all the payments and expenses that come with the vehicle under alternative investment

Book Highlights

  1. Alternative Investment Products and Methods. What are the different features of alternative investment, and how is it compared to traditional investments?
  2. Real estate valuation combined with public and private equity factors.
  3. Calculate the basic return measurement strategy and how to use geometric, arithmetic, and lognormal approaches to calculate the time-weighted and money-weighted return
  4. A comprehensive approach to the treatment of fees, the book goes further to explain PME, ICM-PME, Kaplan-Scholar Methodology, and finally, the all-important regulatory considerations.
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2. The Little Book of Alternative Investments (Reaping the Rewards by Daring to be Different)

Authors: By Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth

This is one alternative investment book that focuses on traditional investment tactics. It reviews a 60/40 stock-bond portfolio to see its performance. The book asserts that there could be better alternatives to explore.

It went further to provide various alternative investment vehicles that investors can use to modify their portfolios. Investors can better understand how alternative investment can benefit their business.

Some of the significant assets in this book include hedge funds, gold, hedge alternative mutual funds, buy/write funds, etc.

The book also covers many of the best techniques for managing unconventional assets and investment strategies. Finally, the book analyzes the different factors investors can use to choose the best investment vehicles that resonate with the investor’s schedules and requirements.

Book Highlights

  • The book delves into investments, providing a new way to use alternative investment strategies.
  • It doesn’t matter your level of expertise in the alternative investment sector. There is a comprehensive manual to help readers navigate the whole process.
  • The alternative investment strategies offered in this book will help investors identify the best investment vehicle that suits individual preferences.

3. The Investor’s Guidebook to Alternative Investments

Author: Stuart R. Veale

The book is a Guide that focuses on the role of alternative investments in Portfolio Design. It covers everything concerned with the basics, peculiarities, benefits, and downsides associated with alternative investments. The author discusses using these factors to improve an individual’s portfolio.

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The book further discusses the various techniques and essential aspects of alternative investment that investors should know.

The author outlined how to build simple cutting-edge pricing models using basic principles with ease. The Guide and principles of this book contain all the information that an investor will need to have a smooth investment pathway.

Book Highlights

  1. Readers will get a comprehensive guide on alternative investment key points and an easy introduction to the topic.
  2. There is a big delve into the alternative investments world, starting with the basics and strategies of the business model.
  3. Investors can have a balanced knowledge of how to improve their portfolio and learn the different turns of alternative investments.

4. Understanding Alternative Investments

Author: S. Walker

This book creates a level ground for investors to understand the concept and applications of several alternative investment strategies. With the knowledge of the diversified portfolio on which investments ride and the processes of success, investors can take advantage of that to have a deeper understanding of the workings of alternative investments.

Investors learn to use portfolio diversification to make investment decisions and increase returns.

The book highlights how going beyond the norms and being creative can change the risk approach used in portfolio structuring to improve one’s chances of getting higher returns. Readers can maximize all the lessons from this book to set up a portfolio that works.

Book Highlights

  1. Hands-off portfolio structuring strategies that help set the pace for better investments.
  2. Use recent market trends and risk approaches to regulate and manage inflation and push the investment to yield higher returns.
  3. The book teaches investors to get creative with risk management to create high-profile portfolios.
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5. How to Make Money in Alternative Investments

Authors: Hubert Bromma and Lisa Moren Bromma

This alternative investment book targets guiding the investors on the fundamental knowledge of using the different investment strategies. Here, the investors see the many alternative assets that one can take advantage of and make huge returns.

These alternative assets include natural resources, real estate, private lending, green investing, etc. The book goes much deeper to discuss how to navigate these several alternative assets to one’s advantage.

It further states that, unlike traditional investments, alternative investment strategies are more effective and feasible in managing risks in market trends. The authors propose simple and decent methods investors can try out when investing in various alternative assets to help build portfolio diversification, manage returns in case of inflation, and reduce risk.

Book Highlights

Go beyond what is obtainable in traditional investments and plunge into a new world of limitless opportunities in alternative investment.

Taking advantage of alternative assets to invest. Understanding the fundamentals of each investment and how to manage them.

Learn how to invest and manage assets on all the investments and manage inflation and risk mitigation.


Alternative investments can be a very great tool in portfolio diversification if done rightly. Whenever you want to invest, it’s essential to understand the scope and fundamentals of alternative investments.

It will help you to reduce the risks of alternative assets. These five books, as listed in this article, are a must-read for alternative investment for every investor.

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