11 Amazing Benefits Of Listening To Music During Meditation

Benefits Of Listening To Music During Meditation. Imagine you wake up one hot weekend morning with severe fatigue. You decide to try your regular routine of meditation to relieve your stress. However, it doesn’t seem very interesting. It’s as if you are missing out on something.

There appears to be no motivation to continue the whole process of meditation. You still feel tired as soon as you try to get up. And now, you’re stuck searching the net, looking up solutions or quick hacks to take your meditation sessions to a more exciting level.

Benefits Of Listening To Music During Meditation

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Guess what? I just realized you don’t need any hacks, discoveries, or anything out of the box to achieve your desire. However, You should consider adding a new ingredient to spice up your session. Now, this is the most exciting part. That new ingredient is music. 

Stay with me. Naturally, music is known for its effectiveness in calming nerves and its transformative powers. But you will be surprised by how music complements meditation and enhances its significance. 

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Although, there have been some misconceptions about doing meditation in silence. Just know that these misconceptions are not valid. You can Listen to music during meditation as it can help you uplift your meditation session and connect to your inner self. In addition, playing soft music in the background while meditating can create a relaxed atmosphere, thereby making your meditation effective. 

But that’s not all. That’s why in this article, we will enlighten you more on some of the fantastic benefits of listening to music during meditation:

Benefits Of Listening To Music During Meditation

  1. It helps balance your emotions
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Listening to soft music while meditating in the background can help you balance your emotions. Meditation enables you to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, and music brings an uplift in your energy and a change of mood. Combining these two allows you to bring out the best version of yourself. You are better at dealing with emotions and do not fear changes. With music and meditation, you can let go of your pain, stress, agony, discomfort, jealousy, or any negative feeling you might have developed. You can improve your relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues.

  1. It helps Improve your concentration

Listening to music playing in the background while meditating helps improve your concentration. Especially for those whose minds tend to wander to different thoughts, get distracted by little noises around, or overthink. Music can be an element of calmness and relaxation, depending on the type of music you are listening to. Meditating with music can help you concentrate on the task as you become more relaxed and calm, sometimes breathing according to the musical notes you are listening to.

If you are a college student, you also get to study better, making you more alert and boosting your creativity and memory.

  1. It improves your sleep

We all experience struggle and stress daily, and getting good sleep can be pretty difficult. However, throwing in meditation and music playing in the background and not having a good sleep should be something of the past. Listening to music while meditating can help eliminate noises and relieve stress and nerve muscles. As a result, you get to have a sound sleep and wake up feeling more energetic.

  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety almost daily, leading to panic attacks, emotional problems, depression, etc., if not contained. Music is a significant stress reliever as it tends to transfer you to another world entirely. Most people don’t know that listening to music makes you calm and relaxed, especially if it’s a piece of soft music. When combined with meditation, it becomes even more powerful and brings greater calmness and relaxation to you. Meditating with music in the background can positively affect your productivity and help you better manage your stress and anxiety.

  1. It improves Healing in your Body
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Most people associate meditation with only our mind and mental health, but it’s not so. Meditation music has a calming effect on your body and can help relieve body aches and pain. Meditation songs, which unconsciously help you manage your blood pressure, brain function, and heartbeat, can also help you heal faster after surgery.

  1. Better Eating and Digestion

People trying to lose weight or gain weight quickly might be surprised to learn that meditating while listening to music can improve their eating habits. This phenomenon is attributed to music in the background while meditating can affect your mood, eliminating the emotional reasons for overeating. It also aids digestion.

  1. Improves Intimacy

This is peculiar to those who have a problem with their intimacy or has no drive for sex. Listening to soft music in the background while meditating can help with the challenge of intimacy and sex. As a result, they get their relationship back and experience better sex.

  1. Increase your Positivity

Music helps keep your mind from wandering to anything harmful. Meditation while listening to music increases positivity in your workplace, mind, relationship, and thoughts. Your mind will stop wandering, allowing you to achieve greater peace of mind by coping better with your struggles and emotions. 

  1. Overcome Travel Anxiety

Research shows that mindful meditation can help significantly reduce anxiety symptoms, especially when traveling. People tend to get anxious while traveling, especially first-time travelers, which can be due to negative past travels or an anxiety disorder. Meditating on the airplane is the best way to get your anxiety under control. You don’t want to start freaking out while traveling. All this can stop when you have music playing on your headphones while you meditate in your seat.

  1. Makes your Meditation Deeper
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Your meditation won’t be affected if you listen to music during deep meditation. The theory is that those who meditate while listening to soft music find inner peace and happiness. As a result, their cognitive abilities and meditation improve. Music can also help you focus during deep meditation by blocking distractions.

  1. Get you Inspired

Yes, music gets you inspired, especially during meditation. Since during meditation, you feel good about yourself and tend to forget all the negative things that have happened. You get to relax your mind, and your thoughts tend to wander off to something positive. This process can be a great inspiration for someone who has encountered mostly bad things in their life, as this will help them ignite their hope and see a better future ahead of themselves.

Having soft music playing in the background while meditating is something we should all try, as there are many benefits associated with it. In addition to healing your Body, mind, and soul, you also improve your quality of life and relationships.

Take Away

Even though some misconceptions come with meditating in silence, as some advocates of traditional meditation might view it as a distraction, its benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. So why not give it a try and enjoy a more relaxed and soothing meditation?

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