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Here are 5 of the best Christian action movies you should check out. From fast-paced action to slow-motion shots, exciting stunts, relentless pursuits, villains and superheroes, clean plot executions, wars, martial arts, and the rest, action/adventure movies are one of a kind. They give you the thrills and the feeling that you are one of the characters every time you watch them.

What if I told you that there is a concept called Christian action movies? Awesome right? Now you may ask, are these movies like your regular action movies? Yes, they definitely are!

In Christian action movies, no one’s taking away your favorite stunts and action scenes. Instead, there’s a new addition. What is that addition? These movies are sometimes excerpts from stories in the bible told thousands of years ago, yes, the exciting ones you often imagine playing out in your head. Not only that, but they can also be based on a whole new plot. What’s the purpose? A major character in the story usually possesses a solid Christian faith which is clearly displayed in the movie. And that faith is the driving force that helps that character surmount every obstacle.

It’s an amazing concept and if you haven’t watched a Christian action movie before, you’re missing out!

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I’ll be recommending 5 Christian action movies that you should watch. Watch and be thrilled.

#1 MEGIDDO: The Omega Code 2

Starring lead actors, Michael York and Michael Biehn, the 2001 religious-scientific fiction adventure and action movie, Megiddo, directed by Brien Trenchard-Smith is an apocalyptic film that replicates the great tribulation as recorded in the book of Revelations.

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It clearly depicts the war between good and evil, an epic showdown that pits nation against nation. It tells the story of two brothers, Stone Alexander (Satan) and David, the president of the United States who are at the front lines of a huge battle.  Stone is the most powerful man in history but behind his charming smile lies an evil plan to wipe out mankind, his only contention is his brother, David who cannot win the battle without the backing of God’s power. His aim is to reveal the true nature of the beast.

Megiddo is one biblical action movie that still gives me the thrills every time I press the play button. It is a Christian action movie you should surely check out.


Officially released in 2012, and directed by James Chankin, The Mark is an action-packed thriller and a graphic representation of the mark of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelations (which is prophesied to be a biometric microchip).

The movie introduces Chad Turner, an ex-special forces agent who is on a mission to provide a detailed security report of a surgical procedure in Bangkok. In the process, he is implanted with a biometric microchip without his consent by the doctor who is performing the surgical procedure.

A World Bank Bank and Turk Industries leader, Philip Turk, shows interest in buying the microchip but Avanti Co. is unwilling to sell. In his quest to acquire the microchip, he enlists mercenaries who attack a plane Chad Turner is on.

This Christian action movie stars actors like Craig Sheffer, Eric Roberts, Ivan Kamaras, John Schneider, Gary Daniels, Kevin Sorbi, and many other talented actors. It is one that preaches its message without watering down or downplaying. You should surely check it out!

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Faith based action movie, The King’s Messengers, is a mini series which tells the tale of two refugees trying to survive in the fictional war-torn country of Zanora. These refugees, Anwaar (a civilian) and David Sutherland ( the country’s ambassador’s son) meet each other in the forest and try to source food together. In their quest for food, they come across a stranger, Cogner, who leads them to the Resistance Army’s ( who is responsible for the war)  food trap. Though they escape, the Army is hot on their heels and the clock is ticking on them.

Starring actors, Daniel Knudsen, Christopher Veldhuizen, Kristina Kaylen, Damion Stevenson, and the likes, this christian action movie keeps you at the edge of your seat as you journey with these characters, it is worth watching.


Ben-Hur is a 2016 epic drama of the historical era, the fifth adaptation of Lew Wallace 1880 novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov and written by Keith Clarke and John Ridley, this christian action movie tells the story of a young prince, Judah Ben-Hur, who is falsely accused of treason by his stepbrother, Massala Severus, a Roman Army Official. As a result, Ben-Hur is stripped of his title and rights, separated from his wife, Esther, and family, and sentenced to slavery at sea for many years.

These rival brothers are brought together once again by a deadly chariot race, this is where Ben-Hur plans to exact his revenge.

This action movie stars actors like Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, Morgan Freeman, Rodrigo Santoro, and many more.

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You should watch this!


Director, Mel Gibson really did a good one with this Christian action movie.

Seventh-Day-Adventist, Desmond Doss, is a soldier recruit who refused to bear any form of ammunition in WWII, where bombs go off every second. Armed with his bible and faith in God as his weapon, Desmond goes into the battlefield. Though he was bullied and made a laughingstock by his fellow recruits, he still stood firm in his convictions of not killing but helping others. Due to his resilience and braveness, he was decorated with the Congressional Medal of Honour after saving a large number of wounded soldiers without a gun.

Actors like Andrew Garfield, Luke Bracey, Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington, and Hugo Weaving graced this amazing action movie.

I must say, this Christian action movie is one of a kind, it would surely blow your mind.

Though these movies were released years ago, they are still relevant because great content always stands the test of time. When you watch these movies, you’ll come to the conclusion that Christian action movies are worth your time.

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